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– Reviews –
September 2011 –
We found this little restaurant after a day in Yellowstone ending at the North Entrance. Although this would not get my vote as favorite barbecue, it was definitely good, The sweet potato fries were awesome, and my son’s kids meal hamburger looked great. I think I would order a burger if I was ever in the area again. The decor was cowboy and cute, overall clean and service was great. I would go again. – Coconut Girl

August 2011 –
I live in Gardiner and have tried every restaurant in town. Gardiner is such a small, remote town, that restaurant prices are higher than average. And when the tourists go home, many restaurants close or reduce their hours. The Cowboy opened last summer and the proprietors are working hard to keep the food, service and hours consistent, and the prices reasonable. I can’t say I have been disappointed with a meal yet. I would recommend the fish (walleye if they have it) and hand-cut fries, the half chicken, chicken pot pie, or ribs. All of the side dishes (mash potatoes and gravy, corn, soups, slaw etc) are really good and the fresh baked bread is awesome! Everything tastes fresh and made from scratch, a real refreshing change of pace. Finally, I don’t usually order dessert out, but their homemade cobblers are great. – Lazy Mtn Beagle